Frequently Asked Questions


1Can MolatGen power an entire house?
We plan to produce MolatGen generators in sizes from 350 watts to 3 Megawatts. This will cover the needs of lighting a small house, up to providing adequate electricity to service a small town of 6000 people living in first-world conditions. We are currently developing a demonstration scale prototype capable of producing 350 watts on a continuous basis.
2Will the MolatGen generator work in all weather conditions?
Yes, the MolatGen technology will operate efficiently in all but the most extreme conditions of cold and very low humidity. It is also prudent to shut the machine down when wind speeds exceed 250 kilometres per hour.
3How does MolatGen work to power electric vehicles?
Exactly the same way it powers houses. The only difference being that it uses the velocity of the car to generate the necessary air movement through a small generator that fits under the hood, thus reducing the rate of drawdown of battery charge. Our calculations suggest that an EV travelling 60 kilometres per day at speeds up to 140 km/hr, will effectively consume 30% less battery charge, thus extending vehicle range per charge. This also equates to an approximately 16% reduction in grid demand per EV.
4What are the costs associated with using MolatGen?
MolatGen uses almost no moving parts, and no fuel, therefore the cost of electricity generation using MolatGen is very, very low, mostly comprising amortisation of capital and cleaning of apertures.
5How does the MolatGen technology actually work?
MolatGen patented technology harvests electrical energy from the air around us. The exact technological process is closely protected, but effectively relies on the same phenomena that is responsible for electrical storms, but in a controlled and controllable, safe way.
6Does MolatGen impact the environment at all?
None whatsoever. A 3 Megawatt MolatGen generator harvests 1% of the energy calculated to be contained in the local atmosphere. As such it has no impact at all on the electrical make-up of the atmosphere. Because it has no moving parts, it is not visually intrusive, and because it makes no noise it does not have to be installed in pristine naturally beautiful areas. A MolatGen generator will have a “footprint” 1/10th the size of a corresponding wind turbine. Because of the size, weight and cost advantage of MolatGen, the MolatGen generators ideally suited to be installed in cities and on top of high rise buildings, thus adding distribution efficiencies to the long list of MolatGen benefits.
7What colour does the MolatGen come in?
Any colour you want, although we do not recommend fluorescent colours or colours that glow in the night.

Power to the people

Providing energy to remote and developing communities

The biggest expense and logistical problems associated with supplying power to developing, remote and island communities is the cost and time it takes to put the correct infrastructure in place.

MolatGen operates in a “stand alone” way, without the need for unattractive overhead power lines. This game changing technology has the ability to revolutionise the way energy is delivered around the globe.

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