The Environment

The Environment

A truly environmentally

friendly energy solution.

MolatGen is a 100% sustainable form of renewable energy generator that harvests less than 1% of the energy contained in the local atmosphere, operating in a completely pollution-free way, without noise, with just 10% of the “footprint” of a wind turbine. It has no moving parts which means low visual pollution and much reduced maintenance.

So far renewable energy is expensive. MolatGen is the first green energy technology that can compete directly with the conventional thermal generation methods due to its low cost, its efficiency and availability. Molatgen is a “gamechanger” where environmentally responsible, clean, renewable energy can be generated without the need for large subsidies.

The estimated costs of energy production using the technology MolatGen excluding distribution costs and distribution losses is considered to be about 20% of the cost of wind and solar energy. These estimates are based on 100% utilization of a 24 hour day (a situation that cannot happen for Solar and will not happen for Wind), but applies to Molatgen for that part of the earth’s surface where more than 90% of the people live.

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